Monday, January 25, 2016

Homeschool Entomology resources

NC State general entomology course materials

We ordered the following books:

How to Know the Insects (Pictured Key Nature Series) 3rd Edition

The Insects: An Outline of Entomology 3rd Edition

and are using this app

For ethical reasons, we are substituting catching, identifying, photographing and releasing insects rather than collecting them.

We are using the Purdue university 4H flashcards to sort and practice identifying insects to order level

We also purchased several sets of toy insects, plus whatever was lurking in my daughter's room, and practiced identifying them to order level. (This is also helpful in sorting "insect" and "not insect", since about half the creatures in our sets that were labeled "insects" were arachnids or annelids)

There is also an app for this

So far, we have kept/observed the following live insects/arachnids. Most of these are insects that we have friends who keep as feeders or pets, so we could get some for a short time and have a place to send them back to. The house spider volunteered to be observed by crawling across the floor and attracting the cat's attention. He'll eventually be released into a closet or some other safe place to be a spider without four legged predators around.

Mealworms/Darkling beetles Tenebrio molitor


Superworms/beetles-Zophobas morio 

House cricket-Acheta domesticus
Lesser Wax Moth (Achroia grisella)

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach (Gromphadorhina portentosa)
Brown House Spider (Steatoda grossa)

We also observed and did a behavior lab with isopods:
Pillbugs (Armadillidium vulgare)

Online virtual dissections


Lab instructions


Lab instructions 

We ordered these arthropod models from Amazon to build and compare
Tarantula model

Scorpion model

Lab instructions-
Hissing cockroach behavior lab

Animal behavior using arthropods

Isopod behavior (AP Bio lab)

Labs for Mealworms:
Virtual lab  

Behavior labs 
Elementary level lab using mealworms and earthworms 

Cricket lab activities
Virtual cricket lab
Worksheet to accompany virtual lab

Cricket ethology lab
Cricket behavior lecture 

Scarab Beetles and Hercules Beetles

Hercules Beetle anatomy model

Drosophila breeding/genetics lab. 

E-mind fly (subscription)


John Williams and Star Wars music history/inspiration references

Radio story with audio clips!/story/throwback-thursday-classical-music-influences-inside-john-williams-star-wars-score/

John Williams and Star Wars-Music listening and analysis resources 1

Here are some resources I'm pulling from to create the John Williams/Listening strand for my class

On Teachers Pay teachers

Composer of the month visuals

Listening glyphs

John Williams Powerpoint

Star Wars around the world

Leitmotif in Star Wars Scores (samples from Spotify)

Video (not entirely accurate-Wagner did not invent Leitmotif, but did use it extensively, and there are a lot of similarities between Star Wars and the Ring cycle)

Name that Character based on their Leitmotif

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Star Wars Music theory and reading resources

These are some of the resources I used for this unit. These are relatively low cost.

Star Wars Recorder fingering match-used as the fingering chart for this unit and as a game activity

Star Wars Note name match-used along with the recorder fingerings.

If you want written theory:

Additional Star Wars themed music theory worksheets

Use the force note naming theory worksheet-Free download

Staff Wars-Free download for desktop computers, also available as an app on Google Play and iTunes-Version 2 requires a microphone and uses your recorder or other instrument as the input device, version 1.3 asks you to identify notes on the staff as they move across.

For Floor staff practice, I used these darling Star Wars graphics, designed to be an alphabet border for a child's room.

Star Wars Music 1-Rhythmic activities

Imperial march playalong

Star Wars Angry Birds (Cantina theme) Playalong

There are many, many, MANY more rhythm play alongs on the same youtube channel, including more video games, movie songs, and more. Enjoy!

Jedi Academy Recorder Resources-Master!

 Star Wars Theme-Recorder 1 part-first half

Star Wars theme-recorder 1 part, 2nd half

Star Wars Theme-Recorder 2 part (slightly easier, harmony)

Jedi Academy Recorder Resources 3

Jedi Knight levels-Twinkle, Twinkle little star

Amazing Grace
Ode to Joy

Jedi Academy Recorder resources 2

Padawan-It's Raining, It's pouring

Old McDonald Had a Farm

When the Saints go Marching in

Jedi Academy Recorder Resources I

First of all, for all levels, you may hear the masters and practice with accompaniment at:
Use the password provided in class. 

Videos for the levels-Please note, there are far more than these available on You Tube

Youngling-Hot Cross buns

Apprentice-Gently Sleep

Initiate-Merrily We Roll Along