Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ode to a Grecian MOC?

After going to Brickfair last week, Alli is insistent that she's going to exhibit her MOC (my own creation) at the next one, so she is gradually turning our living room into a series of scenes from Ancient Greece.

So, here are some of the early pieces. Yes, I admit that I participated in some of the building, too :)

Odysseus on Circe's Island

 Hercules vs the Hydra

 The Delphic Oracle and the temple of the Oracle

 Hades and the Underworld

 Mount Olympus under siege by Titans


Gods and Goddesses

 Zeus and Athena
 Aphrodite, Apollo, and Poseidon
 Hercules vs the Hydra

I think Theseus and the Minotaur are under construction, although that may just be an excuse to buy the series 6 Minifigs in an effort to get the Minotaur minifig.

Anyway, we're having fun at Mount Parnassus!


  1. I am beyond impressed with your gallery of creations!!! What collections do you have?? I am drooling!! Great job!!

    1. We have a lot. I weighed the collection when we sorted them out BEFORE birthday and Christmas, and it was over 30 lbs, not counting what was in creations at the time, and we added several big sets as holiday gifts. My daughter's gymnastics coach commented that when she asked her class of 6-8 yr old girls what they wanted for Christmas, almost all the girls were listing Nintendo DS, Ipod, Ipad and so on-Alli said "Legos, Legos, and more Legos!".

      As far as what series, it's almost easier to say what we don't have-we don't have much of any space-themed series. Otherwise,we probably either have it or it's on the wishlist, plus lots of bricks bought in bulk lots through Ebay, or on pick-a-brick, so we have a lot of elements to pick from.

  2. Bruce thought he recognized "Lord Garmadon" in the mix. (His head gear that is.)

  3. Yes, the role of Hades is being played by Lord Garmadon (wearing the Ninjago skeleton Armor, according to Alli). Poseidon is wearing one of the Atlantis fish people's headgear, and I'm pretty sure Aphrodite is teaching aerobics :). The titans are straight from power miners, which kind of seems appropriate :)

  4. These are truly impressive creations! I'm inspired and so is my daughter. I see a model of the human body made from Legos in our future! Thanks for the inspiration.