Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mount Parnassus Academy Hops into 3rd grade

Apparently a new grade level requires new decor and a new classroom theme. So, Alli has decided that this year, our theme will be frogs :). I'm sure that's not at ALL influenced by having two aquaria set ups in the living room, one with several tadpoles in various stages of metamorphosis, and one with a half aquatic set up with a very small frog who only recently got legs:).

Anyway, we spent part of today visiting Dollar tree, Learning House, and playing online, and here's the results so far. I'm sure by August she'll have the room completely frogified. Unless she decides something else is needed by then :).

Classroom door design

Frog letters-Leaping into Learning

Alli's subject-specific Lilly-pads

Alli's lillypad rug, with Hopper, the Webkins frog who is being pressed into service as the non-live class mascot for this year.

The achievement board-Fortunately, Alli's Mathletics computer program happily will give her certificates to print :)

The general subject board

Alli's vocabulary pocket.


  1. what a fun theme.Any chance of a classroom pet frog to go along :)

  2. I'm sure one of the Leopard tadpoles will end up moving into the classroom as a permanent class pet-Alli's already suggested exactly that. I don't think we can keep all 7 of them now-they're very small frogs when they first get legs, but apparently they grow to about 3-4 inches long each within a year, and I don't think the terrarium is THAT big!