Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back to Ssssschool!

Every year, Alli picks a classroom theme to decorate our homeschool room-this was something she started a couple of years ago, and it really is a big part of her "back to school" year. This year, she decided she wanted snakes and other reptiles-so we've been spending some time getting ready. Compared to last year's Frog theme, there wasn't much available-which has made it just more fun.

Door display

                                                         Pocket charts

                                       Bulletin board displays (the background is fabric)

                   Daily checklist board (magnet board). Plus Harry the Hydra, our "school" mascot
 Alli's desk, along with the special school supplies we've managed to locate so far.

 Backpack-gator chair pocket (which is holding her nature study kit-including journal, binoculars, hand lens, and homemade snake hook).

                                             Special notebooks and book covers

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