Monday, December 8, 2014

Eaten Alive-The snakes get their say

 I decided the snakes needed their say, too. And, since I'm a music teacher, of course, we have singing snakes. Too bad I can't draw-I have this mental picture of caroling snakes, all wearing Santa hats, in front of the doors of the Discovery Channel studios. 

The snake chorus responds to “Eaten Alive” (To the tune of Jingle Bells)

1)      You see me lying here
You see I am a snake
You feel a lot of fear
You’re making a mistake
You’re very, very scared
You want me to stay away
But you know, just listen-we have one thing to say!


We eat rats, we eat bats
Mice and insects too.
We eat all sorts of things,
But we won’t eat you!
We eat snakes, we eat frogs,
This one likes a toad
We eat lots of harmful things
But humans leave us cold!

 Yes I have some fangs
Yes I have a hood,
They’re not meant for you
For food you are not good.
They help me catch my prey
They help me stay alive
If you will leave me alone we both can stay alive!

3)      I am really big,
And I am quite strong
Among all the snakes,
I’m very, very long
I prefer a deer
Capybara too
Or maybe an anteater
I don’t want to eat you!

4)      You’re hiking in the woods
You hear a rattling sound
You look closely and
I’m lying on the ground.
I’m waiting for a rat, a squirrel, or a bird
My rattle just means “Stay away”
A message you have heard!


5)      You see me slithering there
A pretty little thing
Bright colors everywhere
Yes, venom I can bring
I don’t want to bite
I just want to flee
I’m just a shy coral snake
Please let me be!


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