Sunday, July 3, 2016

Windows 7th Grade!

Every year, Mount Parnassus Academy picks a theme. This year, our 7th grade class (of 1) decided to choose a computer/internet theme, focusing on Windows.

So, here's what we have. 

The door bulletin board. The Start menu currently lists summer activities and plans, but the icons will change in August, when the next system update is installed :)

While we don't always change the flooring, It was hard to resist tiles that formed a Microsoft a Logo

Metro View storage

No desk is complete without Emojis, a chameleon tape dispenser, or Harry the Hydra, our school mascot.
 Currently the pocket charts are holding Windows themed art :)

The "Brag Board" is celebrating social media

The decor also celebrates a particularly special blog/webcomic/twitterfeed/Facebook page :)

The Start screen is ready for business, just like on a Windows Phone

And Clippy is here to help with schoolwork. Or Amphibian conservation!

We're ready to get STARTed on a great a couple of months!

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