Sunday, July 24, 2011

The benefits of amateur, acapella singing

I just came from a wonderful church service that reinforced SO much of what I believe about teaching kids to sing. See, we have two regular folks who play piano/organ. One was on a mission trip, and the other was on vacation this week-so this week, we did all the songs acapella. And it was GREAT. While each song started with just a few strong singers, maybe because the organ wasn't there, voices started coming in. Not always on pitch, or in the same key, but they started coming in. Instead of the first verse being somewhat strong and fading out, the volume grew with each verse as people felt more comfortable with the melody. And each song was a little stronger than the one before. I could HEAR the confidence of people who never sing in church increasing.

It was great!

When I teach parent/child classes, I'm constantly telling parents that their child's favorite voice to hear is the parents', and encouraging acapella singing in class and at home. But then, I send parents home with a CD or a Mp3 file download-and also encourage them to listen to that CD. And that's all well and good-but I many of my class parents experience that confidence that comes from just singing? And how many of their children are internalizing that singing is something that you do with a CD. Or with your music teacher?

So, to quote Sesame Street, Sing, sing a song-don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear!
Just sing, sing a song!

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