Friday, July 22, 2011

Great find in the Target Dollar Section

Music Notes

I found some great resources in the Target Dollar section that I thought I'd pass on to parents. These are wonderful ways to continue the Kindermusik experience at home, or wherever you are, and to enhance early learning.

First, for the younger ones, there are two sets of "Animal Sounds" and "Animal Movement" jumbo cards. These full-color cards include a picture of the animal and a phrase that describes the animal's sound or how the animal moves. What a WONDERFUL way to develop vocabulary and have fun with your child! Simply pull a card or two out, and encourage your busy toddler to move or make the sound. As children grow, this also supports early reading skills. And at $1 a pack, the price can't be beat. I also love that the bags the cards are packaged in are reclosable.

For older children, there are Music Makers musical instrument cards, which give pictures of instruments, and then at the bottom on the other side, the instrument's name and a little information about the instrument. While most preschoolers and early school-aged  children will not be able to read these independently, they can enjoy the pictures and hearing about the instrument with you, sorting them into groups (instruments with strings, instruments you hit, instruments you blow) and developing classification skills, and matching. I purchased 2 sets of these to allow my students to match the cards picture to picture and to be able to see all 36 pictures at once.

Just a reminder that it's time to enroll for Fall classes. In addition to the classes currently on the website, we also have classes on Tuesdays and Fridays.

9:30-Village, 0-18 months
10:30-Our Time-18-36 months

11:00-Family Time, for families with at least one child age 0-4

9:30-Our Time-18-36 months
10:30-ABC Music and Me-preschool ages

9:30-Family Time, For families with at least one child age 0-4
10:30-ABC Music and Me, ages 4-6.

To register, call the office at 901-678-4244, or see the website at

I am also announcing my blog, Making music with kids. This will include a lot of tips and ideas for making music at home, helpful links, and all the other neat stuff that I find and want to share with families. Visit me at

Have a great day, and I hope to see you in the Fall!

Ms. Donna

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