Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why kids should study music

I love this article, but I disagree with them on one point. Preschoolers are, by their nature, social beings. They're really just to the point where they're starting to play interactively. Music is also, by it's nature, a very social activity. Therefore, I would submit that private lessons, or at least private lessons exclusively are NOT the best choice for a 3-5 yr old. A group music class, at this age, will allow a child to develop not only their musical skills but their social skills as well, in a fun, light hearted setting. Even at age 6, my personal Kindermusik graduate, now taking piano, misses the interaction and fun of music in a group that she experienced in her 6 1/2 years of Kindermusik classes. If she had started piano at age 3 privately, instead of continuing in Kindermusik and continuing to explore the piano as an instrument at home, I think she would have missed one of the most valuable experiences of her past three years.

But, regardless, music education doesn't have to wait until a child can read, or can reach an octave on the piano, is potty trained, can talk, or can walk. It begins the second a child starts to hear, to listen, and to respond-and that starts even before birth.

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