Monday, September 19, 2011

Music at home-The highs and lows of it

 This week our lesson focus was all about levels in movement.  So much of life is experienced without exploring the extremes of high and low.  Stretching outside of the normal range of movement can enhance awareness of our bodies in space, coordination, balance, and creative expression through movement.  Moving high and low translates fairly easily to children of all ages.  Hands and arms can be moved high and low; babies can be lifted into the air; and movements can incorporate crouching and stretching, crawling and walking high on tip-toes. On the piano, high notes are to the far right, and low notes are to the far left. If you have a piano or other instrument at home, try playing High and low notes, and encourage your child to move in response to the music. Scarves, streamers, or pieces of ribbon (with supervision, of course) can add another dimension to this activity. And if you have one, a Slinky is great to stretch and snap back to demonstrate levels in sound AND levels in movement!

If you haven't done so yet, visit and use the card from your home materials to download the CDs from class. While this is the same music you have on your class CDs, you will also be able to download the lyrics from all the songs and extra activities to sing, play, move and groove. As mentioned in class, these are wonderful for those cold, wet or otherwise out of sorts days when parents and kids both need a break, for babysitters who might appreciate a little extra help in finding some way to play with a child, or for visiting grandparents.

Have a wonderful week!

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