Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Music at home-Musical routines

I encourage you to play and sing our songs from class at home, in the car or where ever your family may be.  By incorporating Kindermusik activities into your daily lives, you will reinforce the learning that takes place in class. Also, your children will become more and more familiar with our activities and that familiarity will help promote a new comfort level in the classroom.

"Repetition continues to be important in the development of language and movement, as it is repeated experiences that reinforce the pathways of the brain.  By two years of age, a toddler's cerebral cortex contains well over a hundred trillion synapses, which is actually some fifty percent more synapses than she will keep as an adult.  while new synapses form rapidly during this timeframe, a 'pruning' process is also taking place.  This process strengthens frequently used pathways, while deleting those that are not used.  As pruning continues, it will allow your child to process thoughts and actions more quickly and efficiently" (www.zerotothree.org)

Which of your child’s daily routines can you infuse with music? Perhaps you can find a favorite song with which to wake your child up each day, make up songs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, sing a song at bath time, or sing a goodnight song. Even diaper-changing time might be made easier and more pleasant with a favorite song! Don't be afraid to change lyrics to fit the situation (as you've heard me do in class for clean up time, piano time and the like), and don't be afraid to be silly.  Not only are you helping make routines easier, but you're also modeling language skills and that language can be used to communicate a variety of ideas in different ways.

This week, listen to your home CD, play outside, explore high, low, and in the middle, and HAVE FUN!

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