Monday, September 12, 2011

Music this week-Wiggles and Giggles

We’ve wiggled and we’ve giggled. We’ve rocked. We’ve bounced. And we even crawled while singing “Lukey’s Boat!”

Did you know that the physical act of crawling activates brain development? Carla Hannaford, neurophysiologist and internationally recognized educational consultant, asserts that cross-lateral movements such as crawling activate both hemispheres of the brain in a balanced way. These types of activities “work both sides of the body evenly and involve coordinated movements of both eyes, both ears, both hands, and both feet as well as balanced core muscles.” Activating both hemispheres can heighten cognitive functions and increase learning.* (Carla Hanneford-Smart moves)

Chasing a ball while crawling, making a tunnel out of a cardboard box or a sheet over a coffee table (or a commercial play tunnel-Target is doing their end of summer clearance on outdoor play items now), or pretending to be animals can all be wonderful ways of getting your toddler to crawl, and also works for any older children who happen to be around. If you have children in your family who span a range of ages, this is a great way to involve the older ones in play with the baby, while helping EVERYONE'S brain to function better.

So, crawl to it! Have fun, make music, and we'll see you next week!

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