Monday, October 10, 2011

Music at home-Let the children be composers!

"Let the children be their own composers." - Carl Orff

We are hearing and seeing a lot of composition going on! The children are composing using rhythms and pitches, beginning to read musical symbols, and beginning to match iconic notation to sung pitches and to the black keys of the piano. This week, we continued working with Folkloric, M-R-D melodies on the three black keys of the piano, and began composing our own melodies using icons for the M-R-D pitches. This week, explore a few more three note melodies with your child. We also continued our study of Latin American music and instruments by exploring some characteristic percussion instruments found in Latin America.

Since it's the pumpkin time of the year, why not play a game from Mexico? 1-2-3- Calabaza!

Have a great week! ABC classes in studio will begin the 2nd unit, Join the Parade, next week. ABC classes at Lipman (which started later) will continue to explore Latin American music. Both groups will continue to develop music reading, listening, and basic keyboard skills.

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