Monday, October 3, 2011

Music at Home-Rockin' and Rolling toddlers

We sing through class with a hop and a leap and a twirl around! As the parent of a toddler, you are well aware of children’s love of both music and movement—and Kindermusik makes full use of this fundamental need!

Rolling, tipping, swaying, and twisting all stimulate the vestibular system, the body’s system that controls the sense of movement and balance. “The brain has a plan for development that involves specific and intensive motor activities to make full use of our complicated nervous system.”* When these motor activities are combined with musical experiences, the brain is further stimulated to form new synapses or connections. When integrated in this way, learning is at its strongest.

While singing or listening to your Home CD, enjoy “Rock With Me!” on page 22 of your Home Activity Book. How many different rocking motions can you and your child create?

Here's a great bathtime activity to use with your Kindermusik songs this week at home, from our friends at Family Fun Magazine.

Have a wonderful week!

*Movement and Music: The Keys to Learning, by Anne Green Gilbert, Kindermusik Notes Nov./Dec. 1998

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