Monday, October 3, 2011

Music at home-rhythm, rhyme, and squirrels?

This week we continued to explore rhythms, adding the two eighth note symbol, read as ti-ti. We learned that two eighth notes can share the same beat of the measure, while quarter notes and quarter rests do not, and practiced walking and running. You can use your notation cards to continue practicing this at home, adding the two eighth notes card. We continued to explore the three black keys on the piano with the song "hop, old squirrel" and used solfege to figure out the melody, and continued to work on lines and spaces on the staff. We also continued to explore the music and instruments of Latin America.

Here is a great musical matching game from Family Fun magazine to use to work on musical terminology and instruments while having fun!

Enjoy this video by Theresa Jennings and our friends at Plank Road Music that helps teach/reinforce the quarter note!

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