Monday, October 24, 2011

Music at home-A weighty matter

Our movement focus for Lessons 7 and 8 is weight. The more muscles we use, the stronger the force of our movement, and vice versa. Working with contrasts in weight, light and heavy movements, teaches children to control and understand the impact of their movement. When we move to music, we sometimes want to dance more strongly to loud music and more lightly to quiet music, though there is not a direct correlation. When you explore light and heavy movements at home this week, make this distinction for your children: you can move with strong or heavy motions either slow or fast, and the same is true for light motions. Consider that you can make a loud sound with a light movement by striking a triangle or a wind chime, while punching a padded pillow will produce a quiet sound.

Don't get too "weighted" down this week!  Have fun exploring,

Next week is our special Spooktacular Halloween class! Children (and parents, if you want) are invited to wear costumes as we share some special seasonal activities and see just how cute everyone is. Please feel free to bring cameras-and to share any photos you take on our Facebook page-

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