Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beyond the music-Jumping Beans week 1

Welcome to another great Kindermusik semester as we begin exploring Latin American music, learn a little piano, a little music reading, and even a little Spanish in our Jumping Beans unit!

Today we learned quarter notes and quarter rests, put them together to make different rhythm patterns, and played these patterns on the piano. We also started to explore the keyboard, finding black keys, white keys, and patterns of black and white keys. We went into the rainforest to see what we saw, danced to Latin American music, and played a part of a melody on a mallet percussion instrument. 

We don't have home materials yet, so please go to and use the digital download card you received in class to download some songs to listen to this week. You might pick ones from class that you especially liked, so that you'll have a digital copy when your home CD arrives, or pick a few others that are good additions to your collection.

Here are some suggestions from class today.

Corre Burriquito
La Cucaracha
Move and Freeze
Mama Paquita

For back to school fun, I also like this album.
I'm the teacher

We still have space for a few more friends in this class and in our Kindermusik classes on Friday and Saturday for younger children as well. If you know of anyone who is interested, please encourage them to come visit us! For more information, they can see or contact me

Until next week, have fun making music with kids!

Ms. Donna

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