Thursday, August 25, 2011

Want creativity? Get a microphone!

Alli has enjoyed playing with the Scratch programming language for awhile now, and wanted to make her own sounds. So, we plugged in a cheap computer microphone, and off she went. Here's a few creations. (I haven't bothered to upload all the various sound effects she's recorded so far. I don't think anyone need "Me Screaming" with their morning coffee :) ).I haven't yet figured out how to save the little videos she makes in scratch, but here's the audio.

First of all, we have attempts in music. She's definitely NOT ready for a pop career yet. Although the music teacher in me was pretty pleased when she commented, on listening after the fact that "I'm off on the verses, but I'm pretty close on the chorus-which is exactly right (and about what can be expected-the chorus is more in a 6 yr old's expected vocal range than the verse).

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