Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I hate this...truly I do

The best part of teaching Kindermusik is teaching the kids. The worst part is when there aren't any kids, or enough kids, and having to move them around to cancel classes.

I did that today. With a click of the mouse, four Kindermusik classes, planned for this fall, are no more. Three more are still on the schedule.

What's frustrating is that I KNOW there are parents who were interested in these classes. They've told me so. They've told me how much their child loves music, how much they enjoyed the class. But for whatever reason-money, school scheduling, teacher moving and wanting to try something new, or whatever, they aren't here.

It's easy to think that it's not going to matter whether I come or not in a group. It's easy to think that my child is just a cog in the system. But they're not. They're special. They're wonderful-and in a group, it's magic.

I hope my final three groups have enough students to make that magic this year.

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