Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great sale on early learning products

I've posted before about ETA-Cuisinaire's Teacher and Family Appreciation sale. It's well worth checking out. I want to highlight a few items that I think my Kindermusik parents-and other music teachers, for that matter, should consider adding to their collections. Some of these would be wonderful holiday or birthday gifts, too.

All quantities are limited, and they're shipping very, very slowly-but are not charging for shipping.

For kids at home

Reading Rods jumbo set-These are just plain a fun way to build words-or buildings. Math and literacy manipulatives in my house tend to get used for play in ways I'd never expect.

Here's a cup, and here's a cup, and here's a cup of tea....We're not doing Milk and Cookies this semester, but this looks like a wonderful playset for studio for food-themed units like Milk and Cookies or Jazz Kitchen, and a good price for parents to use at home. 

Some play food to go in the kitchen

I LOVE these big magnetic letters. Since they're larger than the usual ones, they're safer for younger children, and are bright and visible. They're also helpful for teaching form and analysis if you have a magnetic surface in your classroom. I've used magnetic letters for this purpose even with college students :)

Let's go to the doctor!

Rhymers are readers! We do a lot with rhyming and phonemic awareness in Kindermusik classes, and these domino sets are a way to practice those skills at home, or during gathering time in your studio.

Want some more Spanish animals for "My Farm"?

For preschoolers and up-buttons to practice lacing, counting, sorting, and patterning.

For teachers, or the refrigerator. I like the magnetic attribute blocks (and pattern blocks) for when my older children start working on form in music. Since I have a whiteboard, the children can manipulate the blocks on the board, and we can save the children's creations to show parents later. They are also fun just for making pictures. Again, these aren't going to be appropriate for under 3s due to size.

Counters-duck, people, dinosaurs! Great for preschoolers to sort, pattern, and play with!

Learning place game cards-opposites, numbers, pairs, shapes.

Early puzzles

The whole leveled readers section has a lot of little books which may be of interest as well. Many are in a set of 6 for $1.00.

Have fun exploring and learning with children!

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