Monday, August 22, 2011

More from Mount Parnassus Elementary

Alli and I are continuing to explore, even though it's getting hot here (A/C troubles).

 We've discovered that printing 16-1 on a laser printer turns e-books and online worksheets into a nice scale for dolls and stuffed animals, and that word cards, with a little alteration, become good folders. I bought the tiny colored pencils from Oriental trading a couple of years back when we were doing HWOT and I wanted small things for DD to write with to build up her pencil grip. These were too small even for preschool hands, but are about right for toys. The desks are little step stools from the target $1 section a couple of years ago-we had a bunch of them around the house for DD to use in reaching light switches until she grew enough on her own, plus a bunch of plastic boxes I'd used at one point for manipulatives and puzzle pieces, until I got a ton of plastic drawers that worked better.

Classmates in the classroom :)

We're having a lot of fun with our explorations

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